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    erase flash for nx2lp (cy7c68033)


      I wonder how to erase a flash with bad firmware downloaded to it?  I am using CY3686 (CY7c68033's EVM) for testing; and obviously downloaded a buggy firmware to it using NandMfg.  Now, I can no longer program it using NandMfg because the device is not recognizable by NandMfg, although can be recognized by the other Cypress utility like CyConsole.  I wonder if there is any tools to erase the flash chip?  [note: the EVM is ok because if I changed the flash chip i can still access it normally]  Thanks in advance.

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          Can you please try the following:


          First plug in your NX2LP DVK, with a working Nand Flash. Then in the utility it will identify the Nand flash.


          Once that is done, please remove the working nand flash from the socket, and on the fly put your nand flash with the buggy firmware. Then do 'CTL + w" which should erase the Nand flash.


          Please try and let me know.







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            Thanks I have tried it and it worked.  Although I have some reservations on the need to change components while the system is powered up.