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    Beginners support


      Hi all,


        I am a beginner in Psoc  .we are undertaking a project in which we are interfacing the Psoc ,which is monitoring a battery sytem , with LAN . For monitoring the battery we have decided to use the Psoc based Manager which is with the attached pdf we have decided to use MOXA’s NE-4110S Ethernet Network Enabler Module with the Psoc for network interface. i want to know how to proceed with this with Psoc....


      2) I heard Psoc creator is the tool for programming . so i want the Linux version(ubuntu 11.04) of Psoc creator


       can anyone help?


      i don know this is the correct place  to post this?


      if wrong correct me.







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          Hello Kalli,




          PSoC Creator is the tool if you are using PSoC3/5 but if you are using PSoC1 for your application then you need PSoC Designer. Along with these tools you need to install PSoC Programmer. PSoC Creator and PSoC Designer are development environment and PSoC Programmer is used for programming. You can download these tools from our website from this link: http://www.cypress.com/?rID=39531&source=header




          All our development/programming tools are designed to work on Windows environment. They do not support Linux environment.




          The pdf link which you had provided does not work. Please attach the PDF.




          Are you trying to interface PSoC with LAN? If yes, then is there a separate LAN controller or you want to implement that using PSoC itself.




          There are various application notes available on our website for battery level management, link for some of them are as follows:












          Best regards,



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            Hi pushek,


                         Thanks for your reply.


                         Sorry for not attaching that pdf . Now i have attached two links of the  pdfs


            1)We have decided to use MPPT algo based solar charge controller      http://www.cypress.com/?docID=21164


            2) And yes   we  are interfacing with LAN for that we have decided to use this   http://www.sphinxcomputer.de/produktdb/documents/327_2365.pdf


            we are trying to interface thePsoc in the Charge controller (1st link) with the network enabler for RS232 devices (2nd link) serially


            Is the above idea possible


            And also you said there is a LAN controller available could u pls provide the link for that ill also have a look at it.







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              Yes,this does look possible.


              I was concerned that the MPPT design might not have any spare I/O, but in looking at the schematic at :




              It appears that P1[4] and P1[7] are not used,


              which would leave you the two (2) pins required for UART RX/TX.

              You would need to use software handshaking (XON/XOFF) unless two addtional pins


              were available for RTS/CTS (I don't think they are unless you retask two pins...


              You would need to add a UART component to the MPPT reference design,


              and add the code necessary to communicate with the MOXA Ethernet adaptor.


              Sounds like a fun project, good luck.




              Tom Moxon





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                Hi all,


                             I have been searching for the product page of  the following PowerPSoC® - MPPT Solar Charger with Integrated LED Driver    but  couldnt find it . I want to put the rate for my project proposal can anybody help.....