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    generate event on Control Endpoint



      Im trying to send an event througth the control endpoint doing:


              CCyControlEndPoint *ept = USBDevice->ControlEndPt;
              ept->Target = TGT_DEVICE;
              ept->ReqType = REQ_VENDOR;
              ept->Direction = DIR_TO_DEVICE;
              ept->ReqCode = 0x07;
              ept->Value = 1;
              ept->Index = 0;
              unsigned char buf[128];
              ZeroMemory(buf, 128);
              LONG buflen = 128;


             ept->Write(buf, buflen);


      but the result is that the Write return false.


      And the callback in the USBEventCB do not receive ani trigger.


      How I have to change my application or firmware to generate/catch this event


      Thanks in advance,