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    PSoC 3 - Programming Connections/Pins

      Hello All,


      I am in the process of making a board using the PSoC 3 chip.


      I was using the schematics of the CY8CKIT-030 as a reference. In that design, there is a 10 pin header. My questions are as follows:


      1) What are the connections needed for the chip to program & debug? In the reference schematic, they have:


      p10 - SWDIO


      p11 - SWDCK


      p13 - SWO


      p14 - TDI


      These seem to be JTAG. I though miniprog 3 could do SWV/SWD which only required 2 pins? Please clarify.


      2) Where can I find the female header to put on the board? I looked at Digikey, and they seem to be out of stock.


      3) What should I do with the USB pins if I choose not to use them?