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    BCM53128 Binaries for Unmanaged Mode?

      Hello Support


      Within the BCM53128 folder the Evaluation Board explains that the Firmware is located inside an EEPROM alongside the device in unmanaged mode, so when the board powers up it configures the BCM53128.


      However, I have searched this site and I can't find a download file containing the Binary for the EEPROM.


      Please can you add this Binary to the product folder or explain how one obtains this file?





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          The evaluation board files are provided as a reference for HW based design decisions only.  There is software/firmware which runs on these boards (our switch SDK), but that is not available through the community website.


          Some of the Robo devices here on the site include an EEPROM Image Generator which can be used to generate base EEPROM files, but not the 5312X series.  The Robo devices can be set to strap and go, so the EEPROM is not necessarily needed.


          If your customer requires the EEPROM to setup some switch settings, then the thread here includes an example:

          The specified item was not found.