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    DMA buffer size

      Dear forum members,




      I experimented bulk transfer speed with DMA buffer 32KB and 16 burst endpoint, and I got a speed 262MB/s.




      What is the relation between DMA buffer size and burst size?




      Is there any delay at buffer changing time? If not, I think CyUSB driver can't manipulate DMA machanism efficiently.




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          I didn't quite understand your question with regards to the buffer changing and DMA manipulation of CyUSB.sys.


          Which buffer changing are you talking about? on the host side or device side?





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            Hi Anand,


            I changed device side buffer size up to 48KByte.


            and buffer size seems to be set up to 64K-1 byte. Right?


            Another question, If an CRC error occured at bulk transfer, do the firmware and PC driver handle this error automatically?