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    information request

      Hi all,


      I have PSocEval USB CY3214 board and the mcu included is CY8C24094-24AXI, I downloaded PSoC designer 5.1 and programmer 3.1. When I try to make a new project with the Designer, I couldn't found the chip reference above. I just found CY8C247xx-XXX, CY8C248xx-XXX, etc. The reason why I dont use the CDs with the kit is because the version I  got for the designer was v4 (~2007) and for that version imagecraf compiler is not yet free. I'm asking how can I do to use my board (PSocEval USB CY3214 board and the mcu included is CY8C24094-24AXI) with the last version of the designer ? Note that the programmer works fine for me ( I used it with some old examples that I managed to open them with the version 5 of the designer).


      Thanks for help.


      ps: I already posted the same topic elswhere.

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          CY8C24094 is an On Chip Debugger (OCD), it can emulate the functionality of all the 3 devices - CY8C247xx / CY8C248xx / CY8C249xx. You can select any of these three devices in your project and hit the program button for programming. Programmer will download the code in the OCD and it'll work exactly the way the selected device is supposed to work.




          OCD devices are used on the DVK because it gives our customer a freedom to select any device from the given family to test + you can debug the project using CY3215-DK kit.




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