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    Error Code 997



      I am developing the USB communication between PC and PSoC3. The PSoC3 board I am using is CY8KIT-030, PC OS is Windows 7, development language is C#.  The interface I am using is CyUSB.dll.


      When I send the single command from PC to PSoC3, everything is well. The PSoC could receive the command and do the response. But when I sent a serial commands, the PC program died. When I added some delay time (50ms) between the two commands, it was doing well.


      I also tried the sample projects downloaded from Cypress. The PSoC projects is "USBFS_Bulk_Wraparound", while the C# project is "CyControlVS2010.csproj". When I click the mouse button with a long time interval, it was doing well, but if I clicked the mouse button very quickly, the same thing happened, and it had a error code 997. Please refer to the attched picture.


      By the way, I did not have the administrator privilege on Windows 7. Is it possible the reason?


      Thank you.