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    CY8C29666 ADINC14 with 2.5V external ref can't read full count

      Hi everyone,


      I try to read a 0 to 2.5V with the ADCINC14, i use the REFMUX for read 8 port, and I use the external ref (P2[4], P2[6]).


      Analog Power : SC On/Ref High


      Ref Mux : P2[4]+/-P2[6]


      VDD : 5V


      P2[4] : 0V


      P2[6] : to a ref 2.5V




      Problem; can't read more than ~15818 counts...


      2^14 = 16384


      ref 2.5V/16384 = 152.588uV


      15818 * 152.588uV = 2.414V <- this is my problem, if the input is 2.5V or greater never read more than this.




      Thanks for reading and helping me :)