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    Information request

      Hi all,


      I have PSocEval USB CY3214 board and the mcu included is CY8C24094-24AXI, I downloaded PSoC designer 5.1 and programmer 3.1. When I try to make a new project with the Designer, I couldn't found the chip reference above. I just found CY8C247xx-XXX, CY8C248xx-XXX, etc. The reason why I dont use the CDs with the kit is because the version I  got for the designer was v4 (~2007) and for that version imagecraf compiler is not yet free. I'm asking how can I do to use my board (PSocEval USB CY3214 board and the mcu included is CY8C24094-24AXI) with the last version of the designer ? Note that the programmer works fine for me ( I used it with some old examples that I managed to open them with the version 5 of the designer).




      Thanks for help.