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    WICED with higher level development tools?

      Are there any intentions or demo projects to use WICED Smart (BLE) with modern Mobile App Development Platforms?

      I would like to use one of the following IDEs:


      Nokia Qt - expected version 5.4 should have BLE support

      Embacadero RADStudio XE7 - works already for me on a BLE devices

      Xamarin - looks promising (especially for remote iOS build in parallel with Android)


      The benefit: all major platforms could be supported by: "code just once and build for several targets and OS".


      Please, could you think about to support such Development Platforms (IDE) as part of WICED SDK etc.?
      (e.g. to have App demo projects not just as Android SDK, nice to have also for these IDEs)


      It would be great if WICED SDK could be part if such an IDE:
      If I develop the FW for the WICED device, e.g. a BLE sensor - a seamless integration or reuse of files, e.g. XML based GATT
      server definitions, so that the related App counterpart would be consistent or "generated in a half-automated" way.

      Or v.v: from the App development the WICED SDK is fed with info to create counterpart FW skeleton, e.g. to use same GATT, XML files, to keep App and Device FW consistent.


      Thank you.