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    Designer 5.1 SP crashes during install


      Greeting all...


      I am trying to update to sp2 on a vista machine and the insatller repeated crashes at about 7/8 of the way thrrough the install of the content section. I have seen a message at one stage about a compatibilty problem with some Adobe component.




      The other programmer on this project is also experiancing similar problems.




      Any advice? Ive tried the rip it out and start over approach ...





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          please file a support request with our support team. This sounds a lot like a registry issue and is usually related to the specific host computer.


          Open your browser and go here: http://www.cypress.com/go/support


          In the center block with the headline "Support", check out the bottom right "Tech Support" and "Create a case".


          Sorry for the inconvenience, let us help you one on one.



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            I seem to be having a similar issue. On a Win7 machine, I had the previous version of PSoC Designer installed, and tried to do the update, only to have it give an MSI error message when it gets to the PSoC Designer 5.1 Content (2309). It says something about having a previous version of the software installed, so I thought I'd uninstall the previous version and try again. It does the same thing.


            I have attached a capture of the error message. I will also open a new case.

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              most likely this is an issue with your registry file. There are a number of reason why this could happen but the most probable one is that the uninstall procedure did not complete some time before. Now the attempt to install wants to write to the registry file but the entry is already (still) there.


              As mentioned before, please file a case with our tech support, they can help you to clean the registry from Designer entries.