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    What is going on with packages???



      I don't think that my customers will ever allow me to use your part again.


      It has now been MONTHS since I requested information to layout a board that was 99% similar to your evaluation board.


      Now I have ordered parts on four(4) separate occasions and ALL of these parts do not match the package in your data sheet.


      Would you please, please please tell me where I can get the part that is in a 32-pin qfn as shown in your 20737 data sheet and as is included in the board layout files you gave me?


      I have now laid out a board, and assembled the entire board with the exception of your part.


      I laid out boards for your two closest competitors in the BLE space and was completed with these designs over two (2) months ago.


      Please ship me some parts.



      Thank You,


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          Note that there are two options for the BCM20737.



          The SOC option, which is in the 32-QFN package and described in the datasheet you attached.  This SOC is also what's included on the BCM92073X_LE_KIT TAG 3 board, and if my memory serves me correctly, these were the layout files you were looking for a while back that J.T was able to provide.



          The module option, which is in a 48-LGA package and described in the datasheet here: CYW20736S Bluetooth Low Energy SiP Module Technical Reference


          Note here that the BCM20732S/20736S and 20737S modules are identical from a HW perspective, so all three modules are in the same 48-LGA package. I suspect that these are the parts you received from a distributor which may be causing the frustration.


          When we launched initially, only module designs were supported both here in the forums and within our franchised distributor partners.  However, just recently we started support for what we call 'chip on board', with the understanding that we would only support this type of engagement if the customer were to copy either our TAG board (as you have done) or the iBeacon chip on board reference design described here: New iBeacon BCM20737 Reference Design


          This is a new program and I doubt the updates have made it to the pricebooks that our distributors and reps use, so you may have to contact one locally (Distributors) and share with them this discussion and place your order for "BCM20736A0KML2G", which is the SOC, not module.  Also, remember that the 20737 and 20736 are identical from a HW perspective.