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    Reason for Xferdata to return false other than timeout?

       I am using the .NET dll from SuiteUSB to interface with a FX2LP. In my PC application I am calling the BulkInEndpt.Xferdata method at an interval of about 250ms. The documentation makes it sound like the only reason the Xferdata function should return false is because of a timeout, however I am seeing some transfers return a false value immediately rather than waiting for a timeout. Why could this be happening?


      I have tried adjusting the timeout from 1000ms to 10,000ms and everywhere in between and still gotten the same result. I have also tried setting the timeout to 0 to wait forever but will stll see xferdata return a false immediately.


      I noticed there are UsbdStatus and NtStatus members of the CyUSBEndPoint Class that contain error codes of the xferdata method. Is there any further documentation available to explain what the error codes mean?