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    USB WEBCAM Reference Design and or Whitepaper

           My customer was wondering if Cypress has a USBwebcam reference design solutions? (including software driver on a board with PSoC) In terms of sensor resolution, 1Mp should work. Our focus is to get light and small ahead of image quality.   
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                               Since PSoC has Full Speed USB it is going to be tough to interface a 1MP Webcam. Assuming 1FPS@8bit(Monochrome), we would require 1M Bytes/Sec, which is tough with PSoC so you'll have to use one of our high-speed peripherals.


          There are quite a few camera based designs based on FX2LP, unfortunately we don't have a reference design or whitepaper which I can provide. I'll check and let you know if I'm able to find a FX2LP based 3rd party design. The designs that I've seen so far mostly use CyUSB.sys and implement a custom protocol on the device and host side.