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    PSoC1 Application Note Finder


      The Cypress website has over 50 application notes (AN) on PSoC1 covering a wide range of topics. We have taken several steps to enable you to quickly and easily find a relevant AN. For example – all AN titles contain the addressed PSoC family (PSoC1, PSoC3 or PSoC5); thus helping you to quickly narrow down your search based on the target device. Another useful feature is a unique landing page for every AN, which provides a one-stop location to find related content such as videos, code examples/firmware, device compatibility matrix and related resources.


      As a next step in this direction, Cypress is launching a PSoC1 Application Note Finder tool, which will help you to identify a relevant AN based on domain tags, document complexity, supported devices, availability of example project, supported software version and hardware kit.


      You can easily access the tool from http://www.cypress.com/?irID=55571 and is also conveniently located on the application note listings page (http://www.cypress.com/?id=1573&rtID=76).