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    A IO problem of the Cy7C68013A.


      Hi, I have a problem while using  Cy7c68013A(56SSOP). I make a project with frameworks ,  and set


           IFCONFIG = 0xC0;


           OEA = 0xFF;


      then, if I set "IOA = 0;", but always get the result of IOA = 0x24 and PA2(pin 42) is always High.


      if I set "IOA = 0xff;", but always get the result of IOA = 0xEF and PA4(pin 44) is always Low.




      Next , a make a clean project. Whole code are:


      #define ALLOCATE_EXTERN // Allocate explicit register addresses here
      #include "..\Inc\Fx2.h"
      #include "..\Inc\Fx2regs.h"


       CPUCS = 0x10;
       OEA = 0xFF;


       IOA = 0x0;
       if(IOA == 0x24)
        IOA = 0x08;  //Lighting the LED


      The Led is ON. So the IOA must equ 0x24.


      Thanks for any suggestion in advance.