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    A question about FX3 DVK Board schematics




          I downloaded fx3 dvk board schematics from cypress website, and I have some question about it after some days.


          On J48(usb micro B connector) in page 9, the connector and the net label on it is as follows:


          connector       net_label




          6 (SSTX-)        SS_TX_M


          7 (SSTX+)       SS_TX_P


          9 (SSRX-)       SS_RX_P


          10(SSRX+)     SS_RX_M






      From Pin 6 & 7, Tx- is labeled as TX_M, and TX+ is labeled as TX_P.


      So, I suggest 'M' means 'Negative' and 'P' means 'Positive'.


      But From Pin 9 & 10, RX- is labeled as 'RX_P' and RX+ is labeled as 'RX_M'.


      Can someone tell me WHY? Is this correct?


      (My English is so poor, sorry!)


      Best, Regards.