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    Reading attached EEPROM on NX2LP device

       Hi folks.


      I got a custom made board with the NX2LP Device and EEPROM mounted, and i need to replicate this board, as the mechanical board is damaged.


      I have ordered all the parts to make a new board, and i had it fabricated.


      Unfortunately we lost the source contents of the EEPROM in a recent move in the company.


      I have tried the new board with the empty EEPROM and it doesn't work


      We currently does not have contact with the original programmer of the software, so we're kinda stuck.


      Is there any way to read out the contents of the I2C EEPROM on the old board so i can flash it into the new chip with CyConsole ?




      I tried this utility http://www.cypress.com/?rID=49145 but it isn't working, i just get all zero's


      And no, taking off the old EEPROM is not an option, we cannot damage or touch the board further (it's part of a big test system)




      Thanks in advance !




      // Per


      Zapro Electronics.