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    PSOC 3 Filters design



      I'd like to implement three bandpass filters with the CY8CKIT-001 PSOC DEVELOPMENT Kit. I read some information about PSoc filters into the forum and I read the AN2099 application note too, but I'm still not sure that they can be implemented and how would can I do it.


      The filter's characteristics are:


      Filter1:  Fs=105Hz  Fi=45Hz    B=60Hz   Fr=68,7Hz  Q=1,14
      Filter2:  Fs=145Hz  Fi=65Hz    B=80Hz   Fr=97Hz     Q=1,21
      Filter3:  Fs=8Hz     Fi=0,5Hz   B=7,5Hz   Fr=2Hz      Q=0,26


      If it is really possible to implement these kind of filters, what would be the best method, using DBF blocks, SC/CT o FIR filters?.


      Best regards,


      Antonio M.