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    USB with First Touch Starter Kit (CY8CKIT-014)

      I'm having touble establishing a UCB communication with the PSoC5 on the starter kit. Some background, I have already:

      • Downloaded Cypress Suite USB 3.4.6
      • Read http://www.cypress.com/?app=forum&id=2233&rID=45003 and connect to r22/r23 as instructed (and thereby voided my warranty ;^)
      • Built the USB firmware in the USB suite (USBFS_Bulk_Wraparound-000) for the PSoC5 and programmed the First Touch hardware.

      When I plug my jerry-rigged USB device into my PC, Windows informs that  "One of the USB devives attached to this computer has malfunctioned." I was hoping for a simple "not recognized" but got a "malfunctioned" (!).


      Damn the torpedoes full steam ahead, I have modified CYUSB.inf multitple different ways in multiple different places. I've placed it in .../Driver/bin/wxp/x86 and /x64 since I am on Win7. The driver declines to load.


      Looking thru device manager, I find an unknown USB device with a matching Device Class GUID but no VID/PID when I was expecting 0x04B4/0x8051. I think the enumeration process failed pretty badly. I don't blame the driver for not loading.


      I attached a scope to D+/D- and found pretty reasonable look behavior. D+ is pulled high and D- is pulled low (I believe, identifying it as USB-FS). I see a number of transaction flit by on the scope. The signals appear differntial and at rational voltage levels (0V/3.3V). The pulse widths in the transactions are consistent with 12MHz operation (integer mulitples of 83nsec).


      I cannot identify a fault in the hardware or firmware and yet can't attach the USB device....help?




      P.S. Who thought the best (and only) way to display information from the First Touch Kit was "the wave"? My arm is tired damn it.