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    CY4618 EZ-USB NX2LP(TM) Reference Design Kit -- where to buy?


      I have a contract to develop a USB thumb drive, so I am looking for completed reference designs that are already 100% working and at most I relay out the circuit on my foot print, and change a couple variables in the code for size of FLASH, etc.


      That said, I found this product on your site:




      And got very excited. But, I haven't used Cypress parts in a while, and the site seems to have render problems, search etc. issues, and I am not sure if the dev kit obsolete yet? Similarly, since I am not experienced with this particular USB chip from cypress, I did some looking and it looks like its NOT going EOL, but I am not so sure. Thus, my questions are:


      1. Can I get a sample unit of the dev kit?


      2. Is the NX2LP chip that this reference design available for the next 2 years?


      3. Is there a NEW USB thumbdrive reference design I should be looking at instead of this one?


      Looks like the page was updated only a few months ago, but can't seem to find stock on this kit anywhere.


      When I put the part # for the kit, it comes up no where, not in kits, not in obsolete, not anywhere, except in the general search data base which came up with the main product page itself. The good news is all the files are in the zip on the page, but I wanted a sample unit and of course an indication that the chip it uses is still in active production.


      Thanks in advance.