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    I2C EEPROM Booting often Fail.

              Hi, It is sometimes successful, although more common to fail. It seems that I2C data transfer is stopped on the way. ROM-IMG is FX3-SDK Example.(SlaveFifoSync.img) EEPROM is 24FC1025-I/SN. What can be considered as a reason for succeeding or failing? And is there any method of making it certainly successful? Regards.   
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          What is the behavior observed when the failure mode is observed?


          Are you using the DVK or a custom board?





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                    Dear Anand, When it is successful, I2C-READ is performed by some(3?) blocks. When failing, it stops after transfer of the first block. It fails, even if it changes I2C speed into 100KHz or 400KHz. I'm using a custom board based on the DVK. Does "Silicon Errata for the EX-USB FX3..." relate to one of the causes? Regards.   
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              We don't have any errata relating to this.


              If only part of the EEPROM data is being read then it might be a board issue because checksum is at the end of the image so even if the image is deemed corrupt it should happen after reading the entire EEPROM image which is not the case here.


              Please create a tech support case (MyAccount -> MyCases) so that one of our engineers can take a deeper look at this issue.