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      Hi all,


      New to the forum and PSoC Devices. I am also new to my current employer. I have inherited a project that has a CY8C24223A-24PVXI device fitted. I have some source code from a contractor the company has used. I was wondering how I can load the C code back onto the compiler (I have all the Cypress application softwarePSoC Designr 5.1 and the Programmer 3.13.3 ) and then maybe manipulate the C code to generate a new hex file. Not sure how to do this? Any help gratefully recieved.


      Kind regards



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          Do you have the whole project or just the source code? You need to have the whole project as it contains information about the internal hardware configuration. Without that is impossible to regenerate the code.

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            Hi lleung
            I have the source code only.


            As I am new to the Cypress chip, I am unsure what you mean by the whole project. I am used to programming FPGA's using VHDL>


            If I have my code I can blow it into any Xilinx device, or with abit of manipulation Altera's.


            I am imagining that the Cypress is similar, maybe I'm wrong in my assumption. Please note that the code comes from someone else as does the hardware design. I have been tasked to modify it.


            Kind regards