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    usb3014 can not run with the slavefifo-16/32 mode normally

      Dear All:


                     I use the firmware which is the primal one SDK-beat3 in the folder of Cypress\FX3 SDK\firmware\slavefifo.The usb3014 which is connect to an external processor FPGA(cyclone III), sends data with a strange phenomenon. I have tried the data-sending on different PC environment( win7/XP32-bit and linux). At 32 bit GPIF data bus mode , first the PC sends data to usb3014, then usb3014 sends data to FPGA, but there are many little rising edges(data is sent at the high level)when usb3014 sends data to the FPGA( dmaSlFifoConfig.size = 1024). the situation can be seen on the attachment-picture(USB3014_32bit_USB_OUT_TO_FPGA.JPG).On the picture , the high electrical level stands for data-sending. At 16 bit GPIF data bus mode, usb3014 can not send data to FPGA. 


      The other attachment picture(USB_OUT_2.PNG) is a lager image of USB3014_32bit_USB_OUT_TO_FPGA.JPG