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    Stack usage of PSoC5



      I have a project using PSoC 5 and would like to know how much stack memory is being used. Does anyone aware of utility function for this purpose?


      I am now assigning 8k for the stack and think it should be enought but would like to know what percentage it acutally is being used. Don't want to have a stack overflow problem after releasing the product.


      I have do the same checking for a PSoC 1 project by filling the stack RAM with 0x55 and check the stack RAM after runing to project for a few days and try to perform all the function of the product. I know it is not 100% as it may not exercise the wrost combination but it would give at least a better value than just guesting.


      Any one has experience with GCC ARM compiler to show me how it can be done? or utility functions that can be used?