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    About CyAPI and 64bit Windows 7 driver

      1,  I have used Cy68013 for long time, my Application software  is based on Cyusb.lib(VS2005 compiled). it works well on 32bit  system for several years (XP vista and Win7.)


      2,  Now  I want to let my software run on Win7 64bit system. After the driver updated to 64bit by installing 64bit Cyusb.sys,  My 32bit App can not recognize the USB device. Only Control Center can  recognize the USB device, the CyConsle can not recognize it, and GUID not found in Cysonsole's misc graph.  no choice to select GUID or sys.


      How can I make my app software be compatible for 32bit and 64bit system with minimum changes. Does Cyusb.lib(C++ Lib) be compatible in 32bit and 64bit system?  I know 32bit application can run in 64bit system in 32bit mode.


      Thanks and best regards!