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    RPM Systems Qualified Production Programming for PSoC 3

      RPM Systems Qualified Production Programming for PSoC 3

          Cypress Semiconductor has completed the production programming qualification for RPM Systems (     http://www.rpmsys.com). The qualification covered all electrical requirements and algorithm support (SWD protocol only). RPM Systems programmers are analogous to the Miniprog3 and provide in-system programming for PSoC Devices. RPM Systems does not sell programming sockets like other volume manufacturers.   

      Cypress has qualified 48-QFN, 48-SSOP, 68-QFN, and 100-TQFP devices from RPM Systems for programming PSoC3 devices.


      RPM Systems has released their software update, revision V 1.17.4, which contains the qualified PSoC 3 support. Prior to programming any Cypress PSoC 3 devices the distributor or vendor must update to the latest revision of software from RPM Systems.


      RPM Systems supports all PSoC 3 marketing part numbers.


      For more information on PSoC production programming and general programming please see the following web page for more details: