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    BCM43362 Modules Throughput

      Can you provide the maximum throughput for the BCM43362 modules through the UART and SPI interfaces?  Does it vary by manufacturer?


      Thank you.

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          I'm not sure if this changes so much between manufacture as it does between module type.


          With a Smart Module which includes an onboard MCU like the Murata SN8200, the datarate is either 500kbps through the UART, or ~4-5Mb/s through SPI.


          If you move to a SIP module like the SN8000 (external MCU), you can achieve up to 30-40Mb/s through the SDIO interface, but the SIP module also has a higher barrier to entry based on the additional support required (this will be the same with other module partners like Inventek as well).



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            Hey Guys,


            I have some other numbers for you. ACKme modules, powered by WiConnect version 1.x, currently offer 4-5Mb/s over UART! now we haven't yet pushed our magic into the SPi interface so speeds via SPI are similar.


            Now..., we are not far away from releasing our WiConnect version 2.x (which is fully backward compatible with WiConnect 1.x, and can be run on the current ACKme modules) but we expect UART speeds to be in the double digits!







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              We have an application where we are planning to interface SN8000 with a Cortex-M4 MCU. As per the data posted here, SN8000 can achieve 30-40 Mbps over SDIO. Is this statement based on a particular host MCU? I would like to know  someone has achieved more than 10Mbps with SN8000 or with any module with ' BCM43362' interfacing it with an MCU over SPI or SDIO.



              Thanks & Best Regards,


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                SN8000 with SDIO will quite easily achieve over 10Mbps. This has been tested and used many times on a Cortex M3 class MCU like the STM32F207. Higher data rates are possible with M4 class devices with more memory to allocate more packet buffers.

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                  Thanks for the reply.


                  Our particular application needs 30 Mbps data rate with STM32 F4 MCU and SN8000(over SDIO). I hope this is achievable.


                  Best regards,


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                    30 Mbps will be challenging but achievable. Would require careful tuning of the software and also the SDIO interface to reduce overhead and achieve best performance


                    Which STM F4 MCU are you planning to use?


                    For this project I suggest you contact your local murata and broadcom sales support.

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