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    Miniprog3 *B Revision Update:

      Cypress Semiconductor has completed a hardware update to the Miniprog3 to address hardware issues seen with programming, ESD, and power management. The Miniprog3 *B programmer will be available through the Cypress Online Store and the Miniprog3 web page:


      The Miniprog3 revision, either *A or *B, is indicated using sticker on the back of the programmers. PSoC Programmer software has also added the ability to detect which revision is connected. The following are a list of updates made to the Miniprog3 *B programmer.

      Updated Hardware to Improve Power Cycle Programming:

      The Miniprog3 hardware has been updated to better improve power cycle programming for all PSoC devices. It was discovered that the Miniprog3 *A programmer revision did not correctly implement the power cycle programming methodology. Due to this issue the Miniprog3 *A programmer could not correctly support power cycle programming for PSoC 3 and PSoC 5 devices. This specifically impacts customers who do not route out the XRES line to the programming connector or disable the optional XRES line on certain devices. The *B revision of the Miniprog3 will support power cycle programming for all PSoC 3 and PSoC 5 devices.

      Over-current and Non-Polarized Connection Issues:

      There are known electrical risks to the Miniprog3 *A revision that have been addressed with the *B update. To address the electrical issues the Miniprog3 *B programmer has added ESD over-current protection to the USB lines and has added electrical protection to the 5 and 10-pin connectors in case of a reverse polarity condition.

      Improved Voltage Detection Capabilities:

      The Miniprog3 *B programmer has been updated to improve the voltage detection capabilities. The Miniprog3 will measure the target voltage within an accuracy of 20 mV for a range of 1.8V – 5.0V.

      Supported Software:

      The Miniprog3 *B programmer is supported on the latest release of PSoC Programmer. To download the latest release, please navigate to the PSoC Programmer web page:


       If one needs additional device support please file a tech support case so that your request can be expedited.