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    UART in PSoC5 (newbie)


      Hi There,




      I'm just starting evaluation of PSoC5 with the Development Kit CY8CKIT-050.


      I opened the ADC_DAC sample application that displays an 8bit pot position on the LCD. I now would like to communicate this value in binary over RS232 to a terminal application. So I grabbed a UART and dropped it on my sheet, I configured baudrate, stopbit and parity and added UART_Start(); and then UART_PutString("Hello World!\r\n"); after that. However, when I reset my dev kit, nothing appears in the terminal.


      On the schematic design, the rx and tx pins were automatically wired up to Rx_1 and Tx_1 which I assume are the Rx and Tx that are routed to the 9pin d-sub connector .




      Any hints would be appreciated, Thank you!



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          with the 050 kit,you'll need to add wires from your assigned TX,RX pins to the 4 pin "RX-TX-CTS-RTS" pads/headers.


          Hope this helps :-)

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            Hi Ron,




            As kmmankad has suggested, it is necessary to connect externally with wires, the Rx_1 and Tx_1 pins to the Rx and Tx headers respectively on the left side of the prototype area.




            The pins which are mapped to Rx_1 and Tx_1 can be configured in the "Pins" tab of the .cydwr file to select appropriate port pins according to your requirement . Configure the Hyperterminal such that the baud rate, data bits, parity and flow control is same as that of the UART in PSoC.

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              Heh, okay, that would also explain why I couldnt' find anything on the schematics...


              I soldere two wires on there and it works just fine now. Thanks for the hint! I thought it might be wired up already and I just can't find it...




              Thanks a lot guys!