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    Any news about wiced sdk3.1?



      I remember that I have seen some post mentioned that sdk3.1 is supposed to be

      released on early August. But the SDK seems not release yet.


      I'm currently using sdk3.0.1, but there are some major issues need fix.

      1. It does not support OTA for BCM94390WCD1.

         This is a must have feature for our product.

         So I would like to know will this be supported in sdk3.1?


      2. With sdk3.0.1, I got download DCT failure on Linux.

         I have reported this issue on http://community.broadcom.com/message/5547#5547

         but no feedback so far.

         It's important to get this fix as we mainly develop on Linux environment.

         Will this be fixed in sdk3.1?


      Can someone help to answer above questions and also provide the schedule about

      sdk3.1 release? This is important for us to plan the schedule for our products.