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    ezusb.sys and cyusb.sys speed problem at windows xp

       we are designing a camera, and the EZ-USB FX2LP is our data transfer method. But now there is a question for us, when we test the speed of the usb. The endpoint is always full, when we transfer the data at test.


      we use asyn slave fifo mode to connect to fpga  and fpga put 8bit counter data to FX2; and speed is 12.5MHz*8bit=100Mbit/S


      we use endpoint6 ISO-mode to transfer the data to PC.


      And at PC we use ISO-Stream mode to read the data;


      And we found that the data between to packet is not continuous, so we think that the endpoint6 is always full. if the USB speed is 480MHz,I think this thing  would not happen.


      So I want know if this driver (ezusb.sys or cyusb.sys) can get the speed 480Mhz, if not , what is their the maximum-speed.