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    File transfer between Bluetooth modules

      I cannot find any available information about data transferring methods between two modules without involving a computer or cell phone. Basically two BCM20737 modules will pair or not pair(broadcast mode) and send a small data file to each other. Isn't it possible with the WICED modules?

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          SpeedTest is the example within the SDK that I normally refer people two that want to understand how to move data between two BLE devices, but it does come with a client Windows app that runs on the PC.


          I believe we were also working on a Object transfer (object_transfer_server) service for a future release as well.


          * BLE Speed Test Sample
          * Application receives data over the air and sends ack for each n-th packet.
          * Client can also configure service to loopback received data.
          * During Notifcations test this application sends data as fast as possible.
          * Features demonstrated
          *  - receiving and sending data over the air
          * To demonstrate the app, work through the following steps.
          * 1. Connect from the client.
          * 2. Configure Client Configuration Descriptor to allow service to send
          *    notifications over Control characteristics
          * 3. If loopback data is required, configure Client Configuration Descriptor
          *    of the Data characteristics to allow send notifications
          * 5. Send Start Test command over the Control characteristics indicating
          *    how many frames to ack.  Or send a command to start Notifications test.
          * 6. Start sending packets over Data characteristics.
          * Write with no ack is used for the best performance.

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            Thanks for the info.

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              I spoke to the SW team and they said to have you take a look at the hello_client and hello_sensor sensor sample applications as well.

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                The encoding of the data you transfer is something the application needs to define. For instance, the OTA upgrade sample app is really transferring binary data. If you want to output that to uart instead of into the NV storage, you are free to do so. Or you could use a .txt file and transfer as if it is OTA FW data and then output to the peripheral uart and if you have a terminal app connected to this uart, you will see the text. So there is really no limitation, either in the BLE protocol or in 2073x.

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