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    Short packet committed twice on multi dma manual channel.




      We modified a bit the AN75779 application note example and we noticed this strange behavior on a GPIF state machine with a multi-channel manual-commit dma.


      In order to avoid a call to CyU3PDmaMultiChannelSetWrapUp in the code, we replaced the INTR_CPU action in PARTIAL_BUF_IN_SCK* states with a COMMIT. The result is a double commit or at least a double DmaCallback call. The first time we get a partially filled buffer with status = 8 (and this is the expected behavior). The second time we get an empty buffer (count = 0) with an error status (status = 10).


      Please notice that in PARTIAL_BUF_IN_SCK* states the "Repeat actions until next transition" checkbox is unchecked and we added a LOGIC_ONE transition to an IDLE state to be shure that the state machine does not remain in the PARTIAL_BUF_IN_SCK* state for more than a clock  cycle.


      Could you suggest a solution? Is this a GPIF bug?


      Thank you very much in advance.


      Best regards,