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    ACKme joins up with AT&T at the AT&T Hackathon, Code for Car & Home

      AT&T Logo        AT&T Hackathon

      ACKme joins AT&T at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas during Super Mobility Week September 6-7 in Las Vegas.

      Hackathon enthusiasts are back at it again in Las Vegas and this time at the upscale Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas' Chelsea Theater!

      The focus for this hackathon is on connected car and home with numerous prizes for subcategories as well.  We are bringing together the best companies, tools, and services for developers to innovate in the connected car and automated home marketplace.

      AT&T Hackathon Fast Facts


      • 24-hour Hackathon & developer prize packages
      • Developers meet and consult with high profile mentors
      • Finalists judged by well-known industry leaders at  VIP party
      • On-site entertainment, networking & fun


      • September 6-7: (Hackathon, App Presentations, Judging)
      • Sept. 8: Finalist Judging,  Awards & VIP Party


      • Chelsea Theater - Cosmopolitan Hotel  - Las Vegas


      • Promote  innovative thinking around apps and services to mobilize life at home and in the car


      AT&T Hackathon Sponsors



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