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    problem about streamin example of FX3 slavefifo AN65974

       The code I used is from AN65974 - Source files for FPGA code and FX3 firmware;

          when I use both FPGA and firmware from the above AN65974, the streamin example work well;  PC side streamer.exe also works well, no receive failure happened ; transfer speed is about 380Mbyte/s;   
          then I change the FPGA code slightly, the PCLK frequency from 100M to 60M , in the PC side, sometimes receive failure happened;   
          if PCLK is to  40M, in the PC side, more receive failure happen;   
          and I guess tha because the input data rate is slow down, maybe more wait time is needed, so  I change the PC code : InEndpt->WaitForXfer(&inOvLap,20000);   from 2000 to 20000, but the same problem exist;   
          in 68013A, however, when the input rate is slow down, it works OK   
          Why this happened, what is the root cause of this problem,  and how to make  the  change so that 3014 works well not only in high speed datain rate but also low speed datain rate?