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    To Adjust NV size, DLConfigVSLength for larger size but failed?

      With 20737 tag and SDK2.0.1, we try to increase our NV file system size
      from default 1KB to 20KB (Coz each file size limit is 255B and ID numbers 1F to 0x6F, (6F-1F)*255 ~ 20KB)
      but after increasing up to 4K and above, IDE env. failed to download the image
      when DLConfigVSLength = 4096,
      in btp file, I modify it as below,

      ConfigDSLocation = 4480 (where it is from 320+4096+64)
      DLConfigVSLength = 4096


      is any max. limit for NB size at 20737 flash memory map? or any other setting to be modified? TKS.