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    Bulk In Missing Data to PC in CYUSB.NET


       I try to use the slavefifo mode for collecting data from fpga, and there are two problems.


      1. When I send 2048Bytes data to 68013 , sometimes the XferData() return "true" but the EP2FIFOBCH="0x07" and the EP2FIFOBCH="0xF6",.


      Wht some bits misisng?




      2、When fpga have sent data to 68013,  I  used EP0 to check the EP6BUF ,the states and data are right.


      But after I use the XferData () to get 2048 bytes and return "true" , I find the data have error, only pre 512 bytes can be collect, others 1536 bytes are "0x00".


      Sometimes the whole data are "0x00".


      Not only is this so,the EP2CS indicate there is only 512 bytes or 1024 bytes have been got.


      I can't understand this problem...