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    kitprog programmer not found


      1.One of my machines runs under Win Vista and I am not able to install all four needed drivers, only two of them get installed


      When I connect the Kit to USB the files are searched in Windows Update... and not found.


      Is there an alternate source where I can download the drivers from?


      2.how could I solve this proble.


      Error: trn.M0004: PSoC Programmer is not installed on your computer system.  Device programming and debugging functions have been disabled.

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          Take a look at this, might help -








          Also consider filing a CASE, they can do a remote desktop session to


          fix the problem.








          To create a technical case at Cypress -








          “Technical Support”


          “Create a Case”




          You have to be registered on Cypress web site first.




          Regards, Dana.