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    Cant send a single byte through UART Dma mode !!!








      I am using the UART DMA mode example which came through SDK installation.


      In this mode i want to send a single byte to FX3(Consumer) and  again the Fx3 will send back to the UART(Producer).


      Here i have registered a Callback for this UART interrupts.


      But its not at all coming inside the callback function.


      So i have disabled the callback for the UART.




      I have created a callback for DMA channel and in that callback for producer event i am commiting the buffer using commitbuffer API.


      Now the problem is if i gave a single byte the producer event is not occuring, after 32 bytes only its occuring.


      I want that for single byte.


      If anyone having any idea on this issue.


      help us. thanks in adavance.