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    How to use UART on S1-Port



      I find UART on S1-Port in FX3S but I can't find how to configure S1-port.


      Could you tell me some advice?? I use custom board based on FS3S EVM. Only way to Communicate UART is S1 Port.





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          Hello?? Nobody here??


          I wanna handle GPIO+UART+I2S mode on S1. but I can't find configuration register for S1.





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            Sorry for the delay


            The FX3S has 2 sets of UART. One is from GPIOs 53 to 56. The other one is on S1 port (GPIOs 46 to 49). By defalut 53 to 56 is used as UART. If you want to use the UART on S1 port, then you need to enable the SPI interface in your firmware.  Though you may not use SPI in your application you need to enable it.


            In the CyU3PDeviceConfigureIOMatrix API, set useUart = CyTrue; useSpi = CyTrue; io_cfg.lppMode = CY_U3P_IO_MATRIX_LPP_DEFALUT




            - Madhu Sudhan