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    FX3 GPIF II Clock Control



      I have some problem on my board.


      1. Clock running


      I designed simple synchronous interface with 16 bits data lane and 1 clock.


      I want to have work that the board clock works with Read/Write thread. but GPIF clock is always running. I want to stop running clock on idle time or interval of between threads.




      2. Data pin redefine.


      Should I redefine data pin number? My means is to change MSB and LSB. 


      for example. 


      data pin 0 - data 7


      data pin 1 - data 6


      data pin 2 - data 5


      data pin 3 - data 4


      data pin 4 - data 3


      data pin 5 - data 2


      data pin 6 - data 1


      data pin 7 - data 0


      like this.







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                  Hi, 1) It is not recommended to stop and restart the GPIF Clock. This will make the state machine unstable. 2) The remapping of the pins is not possible by software. You have to route it by hardware (by connected d0 of FX3 to d7 of the external chip and so on). You can only change the byte endianess in the GPIF Designer, not the order of the bits. Regards, - Madhu Sudhan