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    Scan Request



      With reference from bluetooth datasheet given in the PSOC Creator. Scan response data packet is sent from the peripheral device on receiving scan request from the central.


      So i want to locate the scan request structure in Central Ble module code or can anyone help with some technical documents on how to send scan request to peripheral. 

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          Hi Ayush,


          Sending of scan request by Central depends on the scan type set for the scan settings. If scan type is 'Active', then Central will send a scan request. Else if the scan type is 'Passive' ,then Central won't send a scan request.


          You can set it either in the BLE component configuration (as in the attached screen shot) or in the firmware as below:


          Before start discovery (scanning), change the scan tpe as active.


          CYBLE_GAPC_DISC_INFO_T  cyBle_discoveryInfo;




           cyBle_discoveryInfo.scanType = CYBLE_GAPC_ACTIVE_SCANNING;