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    EZ-USB FX3 CYUSB3KIT-001  USB  Compliance Tests



      We are currently using "CYPRESS EZ-USB FX3 CYUSB3KIT-001 DEVELOPMENT KIT"  for internal development work.


      Our requirement is showcasing our USB Compliance Testing  capabilities  and  would like to  make use of this  Kit  for running the same.


      In this context, would like to know  the procedure for setting up  USB  compliance tests station  using  this Kit.


      Any example test code  that can put the  Kit into  Host/Device mode  and  respond to the  Compliance test  modes  would be very useful.


      To begin with we are looking at  running USB2.0 compliance test suite  (Low, Full and High Speed) and  would   later  extend the same  for USB3.0  compliance test suite.




      Any quick help on this  would be very useful.




      Thanks and regards .....