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    CyAPI.lib stops receiving data.



      I have been trying to solove the following issue:


      PC side: Two Bulk Endpoints (in, out), the Out endpoint is called from within the GUI thread (i.e. when you press a button). The In endpoint runs on its own thread by calling mDevice->BulInEndpoint->XferData(..........).


      On the Emdedded side I have  PSoC5 device. Basically I have a while loop:


      "if there is data on the PC's out enbdpoint then read it and load it on the PCs in point"


      So if the user does not press a button on the GUI, then there is no data flowing; when one presses the button, then a 4-byte packet is sent from the PC to the PSoC5 and looped back to the PC.


      This works fine IF the PC's In endpoint does not time out. If the IN endpoint times out, then for some reason the PC is not able to receive data anymore. I have tried different scheemes (using Begin and Finish DataXfer, calling Abort, etc) but none work.


      I am programming in .net 2005 (Windows Form).


      Now, I have a very simple application , same concept of receiving thread -win32 console app CyAPI.lib, but using one of the FX chips and have no issues. Thus I don't know if is a .net vs win32 issue or what.


      Any ideas?




      Thank you.