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    Slave fifo interface with data coming into FX3 from external 16 bits interface




      we have a FX3 board with a 16 bits interface to an image sensor.


      For now, we're not able to correctly link the data from the device into FX3 via DMA transfers. There is no DMA notification nor transfer.


      I guess the GPIF interface definition is not correct or maybe the socket connection. I use ones from the slave fifo sync interface adapted to our hardware. This doesn't work for now.


      I've created a related case and it seems that it exists an UVC modified firmware with such an image sensor interface. I've downloaded latest available SDK but cannot find this firmware example.


      So I wonder how to get an example (either slave fifo sync or UVC based) with data incoming from an external device, such as it seems to be defined in this "modified" UVC example.


      Thank you for your help,


      Best Regards.