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    PSOC IOS update?


      To whom it may concern,


      I have the EBK and downloaded the 1.0 version of code for development when I bought the EBK from Avnet a couple months back. Is there any updates that work with the new released processor modules?


      The code will not buld on v2.0 nor v1.0 of PSOC creator.





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          Sorry, but what is IOS, what is EBK and what processor modules you are talking about? I really would like to help you, but your post is a bit cryptic..


          Regards, Bob

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            The EBK is the iPhone/iPad, iPod Touch IOS development board. The 1.0 software requires you to download the 1.0 PSOC Creator which is silly since I am on v2.0. But the problem is the IAB_V10 software does not compile on either 1.0 or 2.0 platform.


            There is a note back in June about this problem on another forum here at Cypress but I don't see any updates since then.


            You have to have MFI to answer these questions.





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              The old v1_0 libarary might not work with creator v2_0. I guess there will be a new version that supports the new creator version. I don't understand why it is not working with creator v1_0. If you have built it with PSoC Creator(PC) v2_0 and then using the same project and library with PC_v1_0, then it may not work. You need to take the backed-up project and try running. If this also fails, can you please mention the errors are you getting while compiling ? 





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                 We are in the process of updating the example project to be compatible with PSoC Creator 2.0. Meanwhile, there is a document on the avnet website which explains the list of changes to be made on the example project to be compatible with PSoC Creator 1.0. 


                let me know if you have any issues finding the document. I would suggest you to create a customer support case with Cypress (along with your MFi license number) if you need further help.