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      I don't know how to start the program.
      I have an example about an InvAmp writed its main file
      in assembly code.

      I have this files in the source Files folder:
      -- main.asm
      -- mainasm.asm
      -- mainc.c
      -- boot.asm
      The main.asm make calls to mainc and mainasm.asm
      By the other hand mainc make calls to this functions:

      //Start AMPINV with high power
      //Start PGA with hign power
      //get AGND to AnalogOutBuf_0
      //loop infinitely
      That I supose are created by the programer, since this examplke is how to create an InvAmp. And mainasm.asm starts the component.
      my problem is how to start to program, which files I must create.

      You will be able to find this example in this website:


      It's the 28 pins example, the first one.

      Thanks again. Is difficult to find good examples to how to program.
      It's not so intuitive as I thought at first sight.

      If I create a new proyect I have only a main.c
      I want to create a diffAmp.

      I think I only have to create the main file, since the boot.asm is created when you select the device. That's true?

                  Following is the outline of how to create a project and program it.   
          1. Open PSoC Designer   
          2. Create a New Project using File >> New Project menu   
          3. Select System Level / Chip Level designing.   
          4. Give a name to the project and select a device. Select programming language   
          5. Now, PSoC Designer will create boot.asm and main.c or main.asm according to the programming language selected.   
          6. Also, the PSoC Designer will open device editor.   
          7. Select and place user modules. Configure user modules, global resources   
          8. Generate Application. This will generate all the user module source files   
          9. Open main.c and add application code   
          10. Build application.   
          11. Connect the MiniProg (or any other programmer) to the PC. Using the Program Device menu, download the program to the device   
          If you want to add your own source file other than main.c, then use the File >> New File menu, select .c or .h file and provide a name. This will create the required source file. Then you can write code in this source file.   
          The below video shows the complete project creation / programming cycle for the PSoC.   
          Let me know if you have any issues.