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    New Component Packs

        Upcoming Component Packs


      PSoC Creator 2.0 is now on the web with some valuable new components:

      • S/PDIF for Audio transmission
      • LIN communications which is commonly used in Automotive applications
      • Support for the CAN library from Vector
      • External memory Interface (EMIF) support for PSoC 3
      • Annotation Library which allows components from you board to be depicted in your Creator schematic

      While you're working with these new components, we are busy working on the next set of new components.  Rather than make you wait until PSoC Creator 2.1 before you see more new components, we have another new feature in Creator 2.0 that allows us to provide you new components much more quickly.  The new feature is the capability to provide a Component Pack.  With a Component Pack we can deliver brand new components and deliver new versions of existing components.  We'll do this without changing PSoC Creator and without requiring a full new installation.  You can install a new component pack quickly and then you can choose when to start using these new components and new component versions all without impacting what version of Creator is building your current designs.


      We have several new components that are finishing up now that will go into the first Component Pack which will ship early next year.


      For those of you that like to dig a little deeper into how things work you may notice that with PSoC Creator 2.0 there is an additional library dependency called CyComponentLibraryUpdates that is included by default.  This is the library that will contain the new and updated components that ship in a Component Pack.  This library is currently empty.  With each component pack this library will add content and then when PSoC Creator 2.1 ships they will all migrate into the base CyComponentLibrary and we'll start building this update library again.  The PSoC Creator component catalog merges all the content from these libraries together into a single combined view, so you don't need to think about what library your content is coming from.  This is just the mechanism that we've added with PSoC Creator to make these rapid releases of content possible.